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Analysis of business requirements and current infrastructure

Each and every IT infrastructure design requires the knowledge of today´s and future requirements by the customers as well as profound mapping of their current IT equipment and processes.

We can design a solution that will seamlessly serve its purpose in the long term only on the basis on such inputs.

The output of the service is the definition of the most crucial processes in the company, its requirements for availability (max. downtime, possible data loss, etc.) and critical infrastructure.

Design and implementation of the whole IT infrastructure

The design and implantation of complex infrastructure solutions are dependent on two things:

  • Knowledge of the suppliers workers
  • Relevant input information

The input information to design a solution can be either supplied by the customer, or we are able to obtain it ourselves (as described in the Analysis of business requirement and current infrastructure section).  Based on this information and on their previous experience from similar solution, MHM consultants will propose optimal components and steps of its implementation. Since MHM has top notch labs at its disposal, our consultants can test even unusual solutions and scenarios. The outcome of this approach is a seamless implementation – and can guarantee meeting the deadlines of the project.

The service is offered for all the technologies that are relevant to our customers. Cisco's technology is thus an integral part of MHM's infrastructure solutions. Most of the Cisco products are used in the field of network infrastructure. But for the full range of solutions are hyper converged solutions from Cisco optimal for using.

Automation from the IT infrastructure to business processes

From our point of view, automation is not only about IT systems, but also about lots of other possible processes in the client’s environment. In a lot of cases, the client has basically no idea what possibilities its environment offers. Because of that, each and every serious interest in automation and orchestration should start with our short analysis, followed by the presentation of options for the chosen environment.

Our tool for automation and orchestration is the most complex solution from the company AUTOMIC which provides everything, from the simplest file transfers in heterogeneous environment to creating complex SAP copies. This enables us as well to create an extensive integration environment. Great overleap to the client’s possible processes enables us also to pursue the possibilities of integrated workflow.

IT infrastructure outsourcing

There are many ways how to approach the IT infrastructure funding. The most common solution is a purchase of all the components followed by installation services with a service provided by an authorized partner. However, there are many situations, when it is more convenient for the customer not to own the IT infrastructure. There can be many reasons for that. From the financial one, when its more convenient for a company to pay a monthly fee without the need to own the infrastructure, through the operational one, which helps the company to eliminate the need to have specialists for a wide range of technologies, to the need to secure dynamic response to ever changing demands for computing power and necessary capacity of storages.

MHM has been implementing the complex outsourcing solutions since the 1990. That’s why we are able to respond even to very specific needs of our customers and implement really complex heterogeneous solutions.

Data backup and archiving

We offer a supply of a complete solution for data backup and archiving. We will design the optimal solution based on the needs of your organization, which will meet the requirements for data storage and security, which will meet the parameters for RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and will enable data as well as a whole server recovery in the case of an accident.

Data backup is able to cover data on physical and virtual servers as well as user data on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. The backup solution can also enable synchronization of virtual machines from the primary to a backup data center.

A part of the solution can also be archiving, where files and e-mails that meet defined criteria are moved from their original location to a backup data storage, while access to archived objects is completely transparent from the user’s point of view.

High Availability Solutions

We encounter the requests for high availability of data and applications at the vast majority of our customers, also thanks to the fact that MHM has been dealing with these solutions basically since its foundation in 1990.

In the MHM portfolio, there are solutions based on data replications between remote locations and cluster solutions from various producers. We are ready to design an optimal solution based on specific requests of our customers, including its testing in our labs.

High Performance Computing

High Performance Computing, commonly abbreviated as HPC, is a solution which connects a great quantity of computing resources into one logical and operational unit. HPC usually operates with a great quantity of processors, memory and high-speed network infrastructure with low latency. The solution is supplemented by disk storages with high read and write speeds.  HPC systems serve to compute very complex and specialized tasks. HPC is mainly used in construction and model simulations, medicine, science and research or meteorology and nature phenomena simulations. Operating systems for HPC are usually Linux distributions.


The MHM computer a.s. company has gained practical knowledge and experience in the HPC field in several past years. Our HPC installed base contains, among others:

  • HPC storage – solution for long term data storing with high availability and capacity >1,400 TiB and network write speed of 6,5 GB/s
  • HPC Cluster – solution for calculations and simulations, cluster contains >3,800 compute cores, 20 TiB of RAM, all connected with dual FDR InfiBand
  • HPC storage – expansion of an already installed solution by another 2 PiB of disc capacity, the aggregated write speed over network increased to 11,5 GB/s  

IT Managed Services

We do not just build your IT, but we are able to manage it as well. IT infrastructure management outsourcing, including proactive monitoring, gives you financial as well as procedural advantage.

Cost saving on running your own IT is based mainly on trimming the cost of your own internal IT specialists and project managers. You will have our team of experts at your disposal – they are available on-site or remotely so the quality criteria of your service are met.

Providing hardware service and software support through our 24/7 monitoring center is a crucial part of our service. The implementation of high availability solutions, creating and implementation of security policy or solutions for data storing, back up and archive can be a part of provided service as well.

Performance Monitoring

Performance Monitoring is understood as the whole area of capacity planning from the point of view of implemented solution as well as the role of capacity manager. Through Performance Monitoring, it is possible to target changes and purchases in the IT environment with greater precision, possible reports can serve as a proof to justify the investments. We offer complex analysis of the customer’s environment, followed by the development of internal processes with a capacity manager as a service. For the analysis, we can use the data from the customer’s current toll, or implement our recommended solution.

Our recommended systems are the tools of the TeamQuest company. These tools enable the monitoring or simple report generation, which intuitively translates the performance issues to the business language. Another option is online or planned load modelling on customers current or planned IT environment.

System Monitoring

We work with system monitoring as a service which is able to collect data about operation of all systems. Not just a server or a workstation can be a system, but also for example a disc array or temperature monitoring. The service must be able to visualize the data in graphs and subsequently in reports. We assume and recommend the option of further data processing for the needs of capacity planning and performance monitoring. Application monitoring can be included.

Service implementation should be preceded by an analysis of required monitoring components. Based on its outcome, we can precisely and optimally design the composition of the software part of the supply.

The support tool (monitoring system) can be open source or as well classic paid software. The options are: Zabbix, CA monitoring, Huawei monitoring, IBM Tivoli.

Network infrastructure monitoring

Network monitoring can be divided into several areas. Monitoring of network elements on basic level can be a part of system monitoring. It is possible to monitor detailed performance statistics of these devices as well in the framework of a subsequent element management. In connection with our long lasting experience, it can provide us with valuable data in the case possible problems or designing new network infrastructure. The implementation of network monitoring can be connected with hardware supply then. Another option is a connection to security monitoring or a SIEM solution.

The software for network monitoring can be universal from the established producers of monitoring and management tools, such as IBM or CA, or it can be connected directly with the hardware manufacturer. In all cases, we can extend the implementation service to a network operation service, including all its elements.

Consulting and implementation services for Big Data

We help our customers design such an architecture solution for collecting, storing, integration and data analysis that complies with the business requirements in the best possible way. The Hadoop ecosystem already contains endless number of mutually supplemental components. The way of connecting them into one functional unit represents a kind of knowledge that must stem from the experience with real user environment. The strong point of MHM has always been the ability to implement complex solutions of data and computing infrastructure. In the field of Big Data, we will not only prepare complex design of the infrastructure, but we will also perform the implementation of the whole project, including supply and first-class service support for the Hadoop cluster hardware components and the implementation and maintenance of selected software tools for storing, processing and analysis of data.

In MHM, we are deeply involved in the Big Data technologies and we have been an authorized partner of Hortonworks, one of the most important players in the Big Data open source technologies, since 2015. Hortonworks develops one of the most widely spread Hadoop distributions – Hortonworks Data Platform – and it is also the creator of the real-time data flow analysis solution that has been gaining great popularity recently – Hortonworks Data Flow. As a part of our partnership with Hortonworks, we also provide authorized training for administrators and developers of Hadoop and Spark, or a very popular training for data analysts.

One of the most interesting options for our service is to use hyper converged systems. MHM computer, as a long-time partner of Cisco company, offers the Cisco HyperFlex platform for Big Data. It is a proven platform for deploying the Hortonworks Data Platform, which has all the capabilities to deploy this type.