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Service Desk

MHM computer a.s. offers the Service Desk service for customers who want to have one contact to receive an initial evaluation of all events, incidents, or unusual statuses in their infrastructure.  The MHM Service Desk provides non-stop, 24/7 service while it is possible to call on two separate telephone lines or send messages to e-mail addresses. Every incident is processed according to the Service Desk processes, which are set in conformity with ITIL methodology. In the front line of the Service Desk operators are trained MHM employees, who are able to evaluate events and incidents properly by selecting the appropriate escalation processes and fulfill the set SLA. The operators communicate both in Czech and English.

The MHM Service Desk services are used to receive and process reports from MHM’s customers about service events and incidents happening at the technologies maintained by MHM and as well for those customers, who have a service contract with more suppliers and the MHM Service Desk serves them as a single consolidated contact point. The MHM Service Desk operators are able to identify the source of the problem and to escalate the resolution to its respective supplier or a group of suppliers thanks to their knowledge and expertise.

Key products included in the service:

  • Service Desk in mode 24/7/365
  • 10 operators with technical training
  • Close collaboration between the Service Desk operators and the MHM technicians
  • ITIL processes compatibility
  • Possibility to integrate remote monitoring systems

MHM Service

As one of its IT services, MHM computer offers a service center authorized for many world leading manufacturers of IT technologies. It offers warranty as well as post-warranty service. Long-term experience in the field of providing services and the rule that the care about a customer and its equipment does not end with the sale of a product leads to a continuous improvement of the service procedures and the qualification of the technicians. For MHM employees, the customer has always come first. Our main goal is always to fulfill all requests by customers and assist them so they are satisfied not just with the product as such, but also with the provided support as well as with other MHM services.

Service center and contacts:

MHM computer operates its own Service Desk which is available in the 24/7/365 mode. It is equipped with standard tools so it is possible to adjust everything to meet specific requests by the customers, which enables us to cover the whole process of incident solution from its receiving through its resolving all the way to its closing. The selected procedures enable us to use manufacturer tools simultaneously (e.g. call home) as well as MHM tools so that the highest possible level of service is maintained.

The service support provided by MHM is, of course, not only about these tools. It is mainly about the people, who are in touch with the customer and execute the repairs and other interventions themselves. The company MHM realizes that the high level of knowledge and enthusiastic approach towards the customer are key strengths of the provided service. The level of MHM technicians not only meets the requirements of the manufacturers of the technology, but the technicians even have the opportunity to simulate and test the designed solution in MHM labs before its deployment. At least two technicians who cover the whole MHM-serviced portfolio are always available for the customer in the 24/7/365 mode.

MHM Service Desk contact information:

+420 267 209 333

+420 281 014 444


Warranty and post-warranty service

The warranty is always bound to a specific device (for securing the repair of specific device, its product and serial number is always necessary), and it is possible to extend it by wide range of additional services, which enables customers to maintain the operation of their IT services in conformity with their requirements for availability. MHM computer is, as an authorized service center of many leading IT manufacturers (HDS, HPE, Cisco etc.), ready to maintain standard warranty service as well as to offer and implement upgraded service services including post-warranty service.

In the case that customer requires ecological disposal of spare parts or whole devices, we are able to offer this service as well.